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Roderick Paige, 4, Accidentally Shoots and Kills Himself After Easter Sunday Service

A 4-year-old Alabama boy accidentally shot himself dead shortly after an Easter service on Sunday.

According to police, Roderick Paige picked up a gun left out at a relative’s house and shot himself in the chest. Paige’s older brother was in the room at the time and evidently saw the boy pull the trigger, then ran to get help.

The boy’s parents then rushed him from the Mobile, Alabama, home to USA Children and Women’s Hospital in Pritchard, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police have not many details regarding the incident, but they have said they are not sure how the boy got a hold of the .22 caliber pistol and so have launched an investigation.

Family members have expressed they are “devastated” by the accident. The boy’s uncle Trent Campbell is apparently now calling for parents and adults to be “more responsible leaving weapons out around children.”

"He will be greatly missed by all of us,” said Keia Taylor, Campbell’s girlfriend.

According to, accidental deaths from gunshot wounds account for about 850 deaths every year — an easily preventable statistic if parents and guardians become more diligent in keeping guns away from the reach of children. 

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