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Roach Found In Papa John's Pizza During School Pizza Party

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Students at an end-of-the-year pizza party got more than they bargained for when they discovered a cockroach in one of their pizzas on Friday.

The kindergarten class held their party at Rainbow Park Elementary School in Opa-locka, Florida. The party allegedly ordered six pizzas from a Papa John’s in the area.

“One kid noticed something in his pizza,” teacher Yolanda Taylor told Local 10. “He said [it was] a hair.”

“When we did unfold the cheese it was a roach,” Taylor continued. “It was under the cheese.”

Students were reportedly told to stop eating the pizza after the incident.

“The school is clean as can be,” said Taylor, “and for someone to receive something from the outside that was not clean was intolerable."

According to Taylor, Papa John’s was “unapologetic” about the incident.

“They were trying to give us a refund on two pizzas,” she said, “and we bought six.”

That very same Papa John's had been found with 20 violations from the state’s health inspector and was ordered to be shut down in July 2014, according to Local 10.

No inspections have been held this year.

When asked to comment by Local 10, the manager of the branch refused to give a statement at the time.

Papa John’s did release a statement regarding the incident on Friday, saying: “Food safety is of the utmost importance to Papa John’s. We sincerely regret the incident and are currently investigating it with the franchise location involved.”

An emergency state inspection on Friday afternoon showed that they had passed their health inspection.

The school reportedly ordered pizza from another establishment so the party could continue.

Upon hearing the story, many took to Facebook to voice their opinions and concerns.

“Shut em [sic] down,” commented one person.

“My whole family got sick and had to go to the hospital from eating papa johns,” said one user. “Never eaten their pizza again.”

Source: Local 10, Local 10 on Facebook

Photo Credit: Local 10


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