Rising Music Star's Unphotoshopped Selfie Goes Viral (Video)

Kimberly Henderson, a rising singer from Sumter, South Carolina, was launched into Internet celebrity in December 2014 when she posted a video (below) of herself singing Sam Smith's arrangement of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know.”

Now Henderson has gone viral again, thanks to her stomach-baring selfie. The single mother of four wrote in the photo’s caption that she’s frequently praised for having the “perfect” body, but she wanted to show off her stretch marks and loose skin.

“I decided to upload this pic and leave my belly ‘unedited’ ‘unphotoshopped’ because I used to struggle with accepting my body after kids. I used to have a six pack before my babies... And now even though I work out I know its not going to make my loose skin tight... Or my stretch marks disappear ever…” she wrote.

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Henderson explained the changes in her body are worth it “because everyday I get to wake up to 4 beautiful smiling faces.”

She discussed her own body issues in the post, which has since gone viral, garnering nearly 128,000 likes and 12,5000 shares.

“I still wear a bikini because being a mother makes me feel beautiful... Not having a flat tummy. It took a long time to get there... Because I struggled so much with my body. I struggled so much because I was young and all these girls my age had perfect bodies and I was in my one piece bathing suit trying to hide all my flaws,” she wrote.

Henderson also had a message for mothers. “That your body is beautiful... BECAUSE we ARE moms and we ARE superheroes and we freakin ROCK and in my opinion that is sexier than any 6 pack!”

Henderson has been rejected from "American Idol" three times, but she said record companies are now pursuing her, Fox 6 Now reported.

Sources: Kimberly Henderson/Facebook, Fox 6 Now

Image via Kimberly Henderson/Facebook


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