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Rihanna May Have Second Lawsuit In Store for Topshop

Pop singer Rihanna might sue popular clothing store, Topshop, a second time after the store started selling a T-shirt showing her squeezing her backside. The shirt recently came to the public’s attention after model Cara Delevingne wore it during a red carpet event.

Topshop, a British clothing retailer, is owned and controlled by Sir Philip Green, who is (or at least used to be) a close friend of Rihanna's. Rihanna is involved in at least one lawsuit right now with Green because of a T-shirt that depicts an unflattering photo of her face. According to the lawsuit, Topshop was not authorized to use the photo for profit.

A second T-shirt, worn by Delevinge at The Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night, exhibits a photo of Rihanna grabbing her own backside with the words “Squeeze This!” over the photo. The shirt was recently taken down from the website because of the questionable legality of using the image.

According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna is seeking about $5.3 million in the first lawsuit and might not even be aware of the second T-shirt yet. The second photo was taken of Rihanna during a concert in 2011 at the V Festival in Staffordshire. In it, Rihanna is wearing short jean shorts and fishnet stockings.

Laws are somewhat hazy when it comes to the legality of image reproduction, as usually the rights of the photograph are the photographer’s and not the subject’s. The Daily Mail reports that Green has already offered Rihanna about $5,000 in return for the rights of the image, but the pop star refused and claimed she is more interested in the principle of the matter rather than compensation.

Because Rihanna is a public figure and the photograph was taken legally during a public event, it is unlikely she has any right for compensation.

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Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times


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