Rielle Hunter's Sister Slams Her, Supports Elizabeth


"Extra": What bothered Rielle Hunter's sister, Roxanne Marshall, the most about Hunter's interview with Oprah Winfrey was what Rielle didn't say about her affair with John Edwards.

"We were hoping she would own up to some of the things she did," Marshall told "Extra" in an exclusive interview.

Marshall -- who grew up very close to her sister but has been estranged since Hunter moved to L.A. 16 years ago -- thinks Hunter really hurt Edwards' wife, Elizabeth.

"They were married; she has cancer. She has two little children. She deserves some respect," Marshall said. "I would like to tell Mrs. Edwards that I feel so bad about the whole situation, and in my heart, I feel for her."

Marshall admits that the entire family was "pretty upset" Rielle didn't apologize herself when Oprah gave her the chance.

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"She just chose to take another path, and I don't know who she is," Marshall laments. "She's crossed over a boundary none of us would ever even think about."


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