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Richard Greenaway Blames Poisonous Plant For His Son's Death

Nathan Greenaway was rushed to a hospital after collapsing at the estate he worked at last week. He stayed at the hospital for five days until he passed away on November 7th. Doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong with the 33-year-who died of multiple organ failure.

Greenaway’s father decided to do a little bit of his own research to find out what exactly happened to his son. After hours of research, Richard Greenaway came to find that his son’s exposure to aconitum must have been the linked to his untimely death.

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The deadly flower goes by a few different names in England, such as Devil's helmet, monkshood, and wolfsbane. Asmat Mustajab, the histopathologist called into the son’s pre-inquest hearing, believes that the aconitum “more likely than not” played a key role in Nathan’s death according to the Telegraph. Poisoning from the plant can occur if handled without gloves and may cause vomiting, dizziness or diarrhea. In more severe case, it can cause paralysis of the heart and airways, and death.

This isn’t the only time the plant has been in the news for causing a death. In 2004, Canadian actor Andre Noble died on a camping trip after consuming the plant. And in 2009 Brit Lakhvir Singh poisoned her lover Lakhvinder Cheema by serving him a curry dish laced with Indian aconite

The incident took place at the $6 million estate owned by Ogilvie Thompson, a consultant for high-end technology companies who formerly worked as venture manager for operations at Element Six Ventures. Thompson had hired Greenaway to tend to the manicured gardens of the Millcourt House. 


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