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Review: Tracey Mallett’s 'Total New Body'

I’m stepping away from my usual postpartum mom-specific workout DVDs on Fit Bottomed Mamas to cover one of those kick-your-butt workouts that we all need from time to time—Tracey Mallett’s The Booty Barre: Total New Body workout DVD. While I think it would likely give you a totally new body, it could just as easily be called Total Shaky Body, as it will definitely give you one of those.

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The workout is ballet- and Pilates-inspired so you get in plenty of toning and strength, but I was surprised at how much my heart rate got up throughout the workout. The hour-long DVD starts with a warm-up that got me toasty: pliés, calf raises and deep, pulsing squats are but a preview of what’s to come. From there you move into a 10-minute upper-body workout that hits all the usual suspects in a fresh way—dance postures challenge your lower bod while you’re working the upper. My favorite move was one in which you flap your arms like a bird while holding weights—tough yet fun! Tracey seems to blend one move into the next seamlessly so you’re making the most of your time—and getting no break, sucker. The 3-pound weights I used were challenging, but the advanced exerciser can up the weight for more of a burn.

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