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"My Princess Boy" Children's Book Breaks Gender Stereotypes

A while ago I wrote about Cheryl Kilodavis, who penned a book about her four-year-old son called My Princess Boy. The purpose of the book is to promote acceptance of children who don't abide by traditional gender roles.

Anyways, I purchased the book, and can I say it is one of Eli's favorites? She has asked me to read it so many times and even brought it on our trip to New Hampshire. On the plane ride over here, we sat next to an almost-four-year-old girl from our church who has two moms. She immediately got out of her seat to hear me read the story.

The girls, who are the exact same age, responded in unison to the questions at the end of the book:

"If you see a Princess Boy...Will you laugh at him?" "NO!"

"Will you call him a name?" "NO!"

Will you play with him?" "YES!"

"Will you like him for who he is?" "YES!"

It's amazing to me how accepting children are. Once again, I am convinced that the discomfort people have with certain books, especially gay-themed books, is an issue with the adults -- not the kids. What do you all think? Have you read My Princess Boy?


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