Teen Revered, Mocked For Werewolf Syndrome (Video)


Hirsute Muhammad Raihan is a 13-year-old boy who suffers from werewolf syndrome and lives in a village on the island of Borneo (video below).

The teen is covered with 3-inch long black hair on parts of his hands, legs, back and stomach, notes the Daily Mirror.

Some kids his age mockingly compare him to the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, while other villagers revere him.

"I am not bothered with such attention -- some people laugh at me, others just come to me for a blessing," Raihan said, according to the Daily Mirror. "Sometime people would flock to my house from far-off villages to just have a glimpse of me. They think I am a god or have special powers, but this attention is okay because I know I look different."

Raihan is a Muslim and lives with his mother and four siblings, whom he shares one room with.

Raihan's mother, Pardan, stopped giving him medication after doctors said the boy's hair would grow back thicker and longer.

"He had more hair on his body than my elder son, but I was not worried as every child is different," Pardan said. "However, my concern grew when the hair grew longer and thicker."

The medical name for "werewolf syndrome" is hypertrichosis. If someone is born with this condition, there is no cure, but it can be reduced with hair removal procedures.

"His father and I were worried about the excessive hair growth and took him to several doctors, but none could treat him," Pardan said. "Some did offer laser surgery, but it was beyond our financial capacity so we stopped."

Faced with this difficult situation, Pardan has tried to teach her son the belief that God has blessed him.

"He is a gift of God and we believe his appearance is the will of Allah," Pardan said. "I have taught him to never complain about his condition but instead accept it with grace."

"I am blessed by God and this makes me happy," Raihan added. "I am his favorite child and want to serve him my whole life. I don't want any medical treatment because I'm happy this way."

Sources: Daily Mirror, Wikipedia / Photo Credit:Daily Mirror via YouTube

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