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Retired Generals: Most Young People In Minnesota Are Too Out Of Shape For Military (Video)

A group of retired generals, who started the organization "Mission: Readiness," say that 69 percent of the young adults in Minnesota would not be able to enlist in the U.S. military because of their health.

The former top-ranked military officials echoed First Lady Michelle Obama's calls for healthy school meals and exercise for young people during a press conference in Minneapolis on Thursday (video below).

Retired Brig. Gen. Dennis W. Schulstad stated at the press conference, "Walking and biking, it’s good exercise. Experts are recommending that all children should have a minimum of one hour of vigorous walking or biking, or physical activity, every day," noted CBS Minnesota.

The senior retired military leaders announced the release of their "Too Fat, Frail and Out-of-Breath to Fight" report, which stated:

[I]n response to an obesity crisis that disqualifies millions of young adults for military service, retired military leaders once again are leading the charge to ensure that schools are able to serve more nutritious meals to our nation’s students.

...[S]chools can help ensure that children get at least one hour of physical activity every day — the amount recommended by experts — which will help young people maintain a healthy weight while building strong muscles, lungs and bones.

Sources: CBS Minnesota, Mission Readiness
Image Credit: CBS Minnesota


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