Residents of Maine Could Be Drinking Toxic Water


A recent study published by Scientific American is turning heads in the medical community. The study claims that New Englanders, specifically those dwelling in the state of Maine, are likely to be drinking water that contains double the amount of fluoride considered to be dangerous by federal guidelines.

The author of the article published on Scientific American's website, Dina Fine Maron, points out that a lack of regulations could be a primary factor in the continuation of this troubling problem.

“Although homeowners are encouraged to get their water regularly tested to ensure that worrisome levels of bacteria or naturally occurring minerals have not crept in, many residents do not follow that advice,” writes Maron.

Maron continued, “Newly available data, released in recent months, indicates that in some 10 communities in the state wells harbor dangerously high levels of fluoride. In some cases, the wells contain more than double the level that the US Environmental Protection Agency has deemed the acceptable maximum exposure level."

The article makes a point to acknowledge that many of the dangerous levels of fluoride are found in private wells, not in the publicly treated water. These private wells affect the drinking water in at least ten towns in Maine, however, and can have extremely harmful effects on the health of anyone who drinks from them.

 “The sort of levels we’re talking about that are high in China are the sort of levels we see in some private wells,” Andrew Smith, Maine state toxicologist, stated in an interview with Scientific America.

RT points out, "According to Robert Marvinney, the director of the Maine Geological Survey, the reason for abnormally high levels of fluoride within the state is a direct result of the granite found in the earth, particularly in Hancock County where Dedham, ME is located."

While it is normal practice to treat water with small traces of fluoride, the amounts found in some of these wells across the Pine Tree State are a serious cause for alarm, and experts are currently at work to attempt to correct the situation.


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