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Worms Reportedly Found In Texas Town's Tap Water

Wormy water. That’s what led residents of an east Texas town to the gates of their water company Wednesday afternoon.

About 30 residents of the Woodland Acres subdivision in the town of Old River-Winfree gathered outside J&S Water, the private company that provides water and sewer services to the town, according to KHOU News. 

They said that for a couple of days they have been finding worms in the water coming out of their household taps.

“There's these red ones, there's these black ones, almost look like tad poles,” Andrea Devault told KHOU, holding a glass jar containing a water sample. 

“I do not like bugs in my water,” she said. 

Karen Lowe, an Old River-Winfree resident who spoke with KRIV News, said it’s a real problem.

“Yes worms come out of it and if you fill up your bathtub and you put the plug in you can see worms in your bath water literally floating around in it,” she said. 

"I was grossed out I felt sick to my stomach,” resident Leon Porras said of her initial reaction. "You're thinking I drank these things I showered with these things.”

Mayor Joe Landry told KRIV he estimates about 200 homes have been affected. 

No one from the water company came out and spoke to residents Wednesday. The company said their spokesman was out of town, according to KHOU. 

A J&S representative who spoke to KRIV said he didn’t doubt what the residents were saying, but said the company hasn’t seen any evidence of the worms in the system. 

The company said it had a power outage over the weekend and some equipment failed but the outage wasn’t long enough for the system to become contaminated. They said they flushed and chlorinated the system and issued a boil water notice after hearing complaints, according to KTRK News. 

Landry offered residents free bottled water Wednesday and said people could take showers at a city facility. He said state environmental crews couldn’t make it out to inspect the system until Friday. 

“It's not good enough but what can you do,” Landry told KHOU.

A J&S representative told KHOU that the company is following state protocol to address the problem. 

Sources: KHOU News, KRIV News, KTRK News

Photo Credit: KHOU News, KTRK News Screenshot


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