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Researchers in Germany Make Huge Breakthrough With Discovery of a 'Heart Attack Gene'

Scientists in Germany recently made an interesting breakthrough when they discovered a gene that increases the risk of heart attack in a person by 15 percent.

After testing 30,000 people at the German Heart Centre in Munich, the results showed that 64 percent of those people had that same gene.

According to one of the researchers, Professor Heribert Schunkert, the gene makes blood platelets stickier, and that alone will increase the risk for heart attacks by 15 percent.

While this discovery could be seen as bad news for those people who carry the gene, it is great news for doctors because it allows them to find out who, early on, has a higher risk for a heart attack. This will allow them to be able to treat them more efficiently and to try to find better treatments options earlier.

According to reports, doctors are currently attempting to develop a test that shows who has the “heart attack gene” and who doesn’t. 

Source: The Local, The Root


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