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Researchers Create Contact Lenses with Telescopic Vision

Researchers led by Joseph Ford at UC San Diego and Eric Tremblay at Switzerland's EPFL claim to have created a new type of contact lenses that allow the wearer to have telescopic vision when also wearing a set of special glasses.

According to the BBC, the contacts and the special glasses are positioned so that all the points of light come together into an image that is magnified by 2.8 times.

However, the image can only be seen if the contact lenses and the glasses are worn together.

Embedded in the pair of glasses is a special polarized filter similar to the 3-D glasses used to watch 3-D films. The contact lenses have their own polarized filter, but everything appears normal, until the glasses are worn.

Researchers believe the contact lenses and glasses could help elderly people, who suffer from macular degeneration, but anyone could benefit from having this enhanced vision.

The project was funded through the U.S. Department of Defense’s research wing DARPA, which will likely want to use the lenses in war time or in some type of military capacity.

The telescopic lens will undergo clinical trials in November.

Source: BBC


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