Republican Thanks Obama After Obamacare Saves His Life

A Republican wrote a letter thanking President Barack Obama for saving his life with the Affordable Care Act.

The White House shared the June 2015 letter from Brent Nathan Brown of Mosinee, Wisconsin, on the Letters To President Obama Tumblr page on March 3, the same day the president will visit the state to discuss the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare.

Brown admits in the letter that he did not vote for Obama, and that an apology was in order.

“I did not vote for you. Either time. I have voted Republican for the entirety of my life.

"I proudly wore pins and planted banners displaying my Republican loyalty. I was very vocal in my opposition to you -- particularly the ACA.

"I am so very sorry. I understand written content cannot convey emotions very well -- but my level of conviction has me in tears as I write this. I was so very wrong. So very very wrong.”

Brown continues by expressing his eternal greatness for the Affordable Care Act saving his life.

“You saved my life. I want that to sink into your ears and mind. My President, you saved my life, and I am eternally grateful.

"I have a ‘pre-existing condition’ and so could never purchase health insurance. Only after the ACA came into being could I be covered … I would not be alive without access to care I received due to your law.

"So thank you from a dumb young man who thought he knew it all and who said things about you that he now regrets. Thank you for serving me even when I didn’t vote for you.”

Brown concludes the letter by thanking Obama for being president, and by stating he is “honored to have lived under [Obama’s] leadership and guidance.”

Obama’s visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is happening because the city won the “Healthy Communities Challenge” put forth by the White House to encourage communities with large numbers of uninsured Americans to secure them health coverage, according to a fact sheet released by the Office of the Press Secretary.

Milwaukee won the competition with 38,000 new enrollees under the Affordable Care Act during open enrollment, for a total of 89,000 when returning consumers are considered.

Sources: Letters To President Obama on Tumblr, The White House / Photo credit: The White House/Flickr

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