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TSA Stopping Moms with Pumped Breastmilk?

I'm getting the feeling that some of the difficulty with breastmilk at airport security seems to be occuring again.

This was a big problem for those of us who travel with breastmilk back when I started this blog in 2006, but things seemed to have cleared up for a while.

This week a CBS reporter wrote about having to discard milk in at Heathrow Airport ("Losing My Liquid Gold"), and then this video showed up on The Atlantic website, showing a mother trying to bring breastmilk through security without it being x-rayed. 

The video includes a lot of editorial comment about security policy (which I haven't had the time to form an opinion about), but the point is that things may be getting a little dicey with respect to bringing breastmilk on board again.  It is really disturbing to me to see the TSA officials in this video not seem to care about their own policies.

Or maybe this is an isolated incident?  I really don't know.  You can tell me.

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