Did Texas Lawmaker Get A 'Jesus Shot' In Oklahoma?

A newly surfaced report suggests that Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller went to Oklahoma to get a medical procedure called a "Jesus Shot" in February 2015, and billed Texas taxpayers for the $1,120 trip.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Miller's office said at the time he was busy touring the Oklahoma National Stockyards, meeting with lawmakers and discussing matters with an agriculture official.

Miller's office uploaded a picture of him with lawmakers who allegedly invited Miller to the state Capitol, but all of the lawmakers who posed with Miller say they didn't invite him or expect him to arrive.

Additionally, the president of the stockyards says there was no tour with Miller, who now says that there was no tour, but rather a stop to look around for a few minutes.

Miller admits that he did not show up at a meeting that he requested with an agriculture official, but says he missed the meeting because he and his aide accidentally went to the wrong location.

An unidentified lawmaker and another unidentified person, both of whom knew of the trip, told the Houston Chronicle that Miller had a medical procedure while in the Sooner State.

Miller told the newspaper earlier this year how he had once gotten a "Jesus Shot."

A "Jesus Shot" is a legal (per the Oklahoma Medical Board), but controversial injection that supposedly eliminates pain for life. The only person who gives the shots is a doctor in Oklahoma City.

According to his website, Miller is also a rodeo cowboy, which can be a painful profession:

Commissioner Miller was born in De Leon, Texas. He is a cattle rancher and farmer, as well as the owner/operator of a tree farm. As a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Commissioner Miller served as chairman of the House Agriculture and Livestock and Homeland Security and Public Safety committees. He is also a rodeo cowboy, and holds nine American Quarter Horse Association world championship titles.

Miller will not confirm or deny that he got a "Jesus Shot" during his Oklahoma trip, but did say that the business trip served Texas taxpayers and that the Facebook picture, posted by his staff, is proof that he met with Oklahoma lawmakers.

"It was a pretty lengthy meeting," Miller recalled. "We covered a lot of ground."

However, aides to several lawmakers say the unscheduled talk was brief, and one chat happened in a hallway.

Miller's spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said in an email to the Houston Chronicle: "Out of an abundance of caution the commissioner is reimbursing the state for the cost of this trip. He will continue to work on behalf of the agriculture industry in the Lone Star State, and travel across the country and around the world to identify new markets for Texas agricultural exports in order to grow the industry and create jobs for hardworking Texans."

Miller presented himself to voters as a small-government Republican when he ran for office, but has been criticized in the past for his government spending: trips, hiring friends and campaign aides at $180,000 yearly salaries, flying first class and giving out more bonuses than his predecessor.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Texas Department of Agriculture / Photo credit: Texas Department of Agriculture/Facebook via Houston Chronicle

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