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Report: Texas Agents Raid Planned Parenthood Clinics For Health Records, Employee Salaries

The Texas Office of the Inspector General Texas sent agents armed with subpoenas to Planned Parenthood facilities in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Brownsville on Oct. 22 in a reported search for patient and employee documents.

Planned Parenthood claims the agents stayed at some of the clinics for several hours, and gave the health care giant 24 hours to hand over thousands of pages, notes Reuters.

However, the Inspector General Texas and state health officials refused to comment on the raids.

The GOP-controlled state had promised to investigate Planned Parenthood after undercover videos filmed by a pro-life group surfaced this summer; one of the videos was reportedly filmed at a Houston clinic. The heavily-edited videos showed no crimes, but rather Planned Parenthood officials speaking graphically about legal fetal tissue donation, research and reimbursement.

Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region Chief Executive Officer Ken Lambrecht told the media at a press conference in Austin that the "politically motivated" requests by the state included the home addresses of all employees, their salaries and bonuses.

Planned Parenthood also claimed that investigators wanted health and billing records, notes the Associated Press.

“This is a gross invasion of client privacy, and I’m tired of watching low-income women become collateral damage in attacks on Planned Parenthood that are based on deceptive videos and political grandstanding,” Democratic State Sen. Jose Rodriguez said in a statement.

The State of Texas announced this month that it was going to block Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood based on the undercover videos.

Sources: Reuters, Associated Press via KXAN / Photo Credit: KXAN Screenshot


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