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Report: Restaurant Napkins That 'Look Clean' Are Not Always Washed (Video)

New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres and the advocacy group CLEAN NYC released a report this week that claims there are unhealthy laundering practices going on in some hotels, restaurants and hospitals in the Big Apple.

According to the report, some restaurant napkins and tablecloths get checked visually, but are not always washed (video below).

Additionally, some hotel sheets are re-ironed instead of being washed, while clean bedding for some hospitals was transported in dirty carrier bins, says the report, notes My Fox New York.

Torres says that do-it-yourself laundromats and dry cleaners have to follow health laws, but commercial laundry facilities that service hotels, restaurants and hospitals are not regulated the same way.

Commercial laundry worker Jose Umana, who was interviewed for the report, stated, "When dirty linen bins arrived . . . with excrement or blood, they were wiped out with a towel, that’s all,” noted the New York Daily News.

Maritza Cordoba, another worker, claimed that when a washing machine was broken down, the sheets were simply sent back to the client ironed, but not cleaned.

Torres and Council Member Dan Gorodnik are sponsoring a new bill that will regulate commercial facilities and require that workers wear protective clothing.

Torres claims that two dozen other City Council members support his Clean NYC bill, which he hopes is made into law by next year.

Sources: My Fox New York, New York Daily News
Image Credit: My Fox New York Screenshot


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