Report: Kids Exposed to Less Second-Hand Smoke in Cars


All of the education about the dangers of second-hand smoke seems to be working -- the number of kids exposed to smoke while riding in cars has dropped dramatically.

WebMD reports that according to the report published in the journal Pediatrics, 30% of teenagers said they were exposed to smoke in a car "within the past seven days" in 2009. In 2000 that figure stood at 48%

Over the decade much has been made about exposure to second-hand smoke. Four states -- Arkansas, California, Louisiana and Main -- have gone so far as to outlaw smoking in a car when a child is present.

"The implementation of a smoke-free motor vehicle policy represents the most effective way to protect youth from secondhand smoke exposure in this environment," the researchers said.

The report also showed that fewer teenagers are smoking cigarettes. In 2000 20% of teens reported being smokers; by the end of the decade that number dropped to 12%.


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