Rep. Michele Bachmann Falsely Claims America is not Seeking Cures for Diseases (Video)


While speaking at CPAC last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) falsely claimed that American scientists are not seeking cures for diseases (video below).

"Scientists tell us we could have a cure within ten years for Alzheimer's if we only put our mind to it," Rep. Bachmann claimed, reports

"So why aren't we seeking to cure diseases like for Alzheimer's, diabetes, juvenile diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or Parkinson's Disease," asked Rep. Bachmann, ignoring the fact that there is currently research in all of those areas.

"How did we possibly get to this point of political malpractice? Because our government, proclaiming to care so much, has created a a cadre of over-zealous regulators, excessive taxation and greedy litigators."

However, Rep. Bachmann did not specifically name any specific regulations, or taxation or litigators who were actually preventing searches for cures.

Rep. Bachmann spoke out last year against the HPV vaccine, claiming that the vaccination had caused mental retardation. The claim which was debunked by the medical establishment, reports

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