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Aspiring Mom Aims To Be World's Fattest Woman (Photos)

Some women dream of having the figure of a model, but not Monica Riley: She wants to become the fattest woman in the world.

What's even more surprising is learning who her biggest supporter is: Riley's partner, Sid, appears turned on by the unusual quest.

"It's a sexual fantasy for us and we talk about it a lot," explains 27-year-old Riley from Texas. "He already has to help me get off the sofa and get me out of bed. If I lay down after a big dinner he has to help me roll over because my belly is too full for me to roll -- it's a big turn-on for both of us."

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With the help of Sid, Riley consumes 8,000 calories every day on the way to reach her goal weight of 1,000 pounds.

"[It's] like hugging a giant pillow," said Sid of the already 700-pound woman.

But her lifestyle seems to have upset many after the two announced on British TV show, "The Morning," they were planning to have a baby.

Monica told TV presenter Holly Willoughby she is simultaneously working on getting fatter, adding she would be thrilled if she became completely immobile and dependent on Sid.

"I would feel like a queen because Sid would be waiting on me hand and foot and he's excited about it too," she explained.

Willoughby, a mother to three children, took issue with her remarks.

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She questioned how an immobile Riley would take care of her child and even asked the woman if it is "irresponsible to be that big and have a baby?"

The couple say they would hire a nanny if needed and, if necessary to conceive, Monica would lose weight.

By the end of the interview, the TV hosts agreed it was the couple's right to live their lives as they wish.

Viewers didn't agree.

"They can live their lives how ever they want but SHOULD NOT involve a child!" wrote one Twitter user.

"Why would anyone want to do that to themselves," wondered another person. "She's heading for a slow death. Very selfish."

One disabled user even responded with anger.

"This makes me mad," the viewer wrote. "I am physically disabled through no fault of my own and she is deliberately endangering her own life!"

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