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Red Robin Ad Claims Vegetarians Are Like Teenage Girls 'Going Through a Phase' (Video)

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A Red Robin ad angered vegans and vegetarians after it compared the choice to avoid eating animals to a teenage girl going through a phase.

“I will not be a patron of Red Robin until they issue a formal apology and pull the add,” said Jesse Vanhall, a Facebook commenter. “It was anything but lighthearted. Really disappointing.”

According to Kevin Caulfield, Red Robin’s senior director of communications, the ad will soon be off air. The restaurant chain created a number of ads for rotation to keep the campaign fresh and apparently will be removing the offensive one.

Caulfield added the intent of the ad was to remind people that vegetarians were available and have been on the Red Robin menu for several years.

“I don’t think I’ll giving another shot after such a disrespectful and callous ad,” said John Di Leonardo, a Facebook commenter.

Sources: Business Insider, AdWeek


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