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Recruiting Help with Potty Training Your Toddler

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I received a comment not long ago by Terra on a post about Potty Training that hits on a common problem I’m asked about quite often by parents of toddlers: pulling others into the potty training process.

Terra wrote:

“My daughter turned two in March and I potty trained her and She will only go with me. Luckily for her I work at her preschool but how do I help her to start going potty with her teacher and grandparents?”

What’s tricky here is that your daughter is still very young and may have some stranger anxiety. If she were at a different school, this would be a bit easier because she wouldn’t see you every day. Since she does see you, you may have to be a bit more patient and wait until she’s older. By then, the process may have completed itself.

When at home, one way you can help your daughter is to not be around when her grandparents are watching her. That will allow her to become comfortable enough with her grandparents to establish a routine with them which, over time, will include potty issues. For this to be successful, you have to recognize that the process and schedule may not be exactly as it is when your daughter is with you.

In short, just be flexible and patient and you’ll find as she becomes and older and wiser two year old, her potty issues will become more established and it won’t matter as much if you are there or not.

For more tips on potty training your toddler at daycare, check out my latest article on the Pull Ups website.


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