Reasons Behind Excessive Sweating


Excessive sweating in its medical terminology is famous as hyperhidrosis, it is a clinical situation in which certain parts sweat additional than the physiological needs of our body. Sweating helps in maintaining the regular temperature of our body under special conditions.

This technique of sweating varies from one person to another, various people sweat additional and sweating situation even diverge greatly from one person to another.

Mostly people sweat at the time of exercise, stress, hot or humid weather and even in the cold weather. But unnecessary sweating is a different case which can lead to embarrassment and disability to carry out daily activities in a normal manner.

Those suffering from hyperhidrosis can experience great sweat on their hands, back and feet and in a number of cases chest also. It can happen at any time and without any exact reason. These parts always appear wet, sticky to the touch and have a damp feeling. This type of sweating has no connection with the levels of stress, anxiety or workload, it can happen while the patient is inactive.

Now what causes this excessive perspiration?
Our body actions and reactions are controlled by sensitive nerves, these nerves send precise signals to our different body parts and they work accordingly. There is a mechanism within called the sympathetic nervous structure which is responsible for this method of perspiration. The uncontrolled part of this technique is known as sympathetic chain. It can be only controlled by a risky treatment called 'surgical procedure'.

Though the technique of extreme sweating is usually inherited, it can be treated and controlled. Using these treatments sweating can be prevented as well as can be stop for certain time period .However the ultimate resolution for the medication of excessive sweating is the surgery.

It is a delicate treatment which involves deactivating certain nerves which directly join the spinal cord. After applying all other solutions the last choice is surgery. Controlling extreme sweating smoothly is superior to all treatments.

There is a quantity of different natural methods for treating hyperhidrosis. Use of baking soda is a very common process to control sweating. Baking soda mixed with cornstarch can be directly applied on the areas which are prone to sweating but firstly dirt frees these areas thoroughly. Give the mixture at least twenty five minutes to show its effectiveness then wash it with tepid water.

With this mixture you can even add a number of essentials oils to supplement as deodorizer. This natural technique can not be labeled as effectual for long duration but is protected and has no side effects. Some treatments cause side things which may create enduring fitness problems and the effectiveness also varies and a lot pain has to be endured. But still there is a resolution.


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