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Study: Kids of Divorced Parents More Likely To Have Strokes

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If you are an adult child of divorced parents (or you are a divorced parent yourself), prepare to grit your teeth in frustration!

The Los Angeles Times recently featured a study that says adult children of parents who divorced before the kids were 18 are more than twice as likely to have a stroke!

University of Toronto professor of social work Esme Fuller-Thomson, who conducted the study with colleagues Angela Dalton and Ruksha Mehta, said these hiked rates of stroke may "reflect the downstream effects of divorce's emotional toll, or the economic fallout from a parental split." After tweaking the data to consider variables such as education, gender, income, mental health diagnoses and diabetes, the link still remained. However, the study did consider the caveat that when we adults were young kids, divorce was far less common, and that the stigmas surrounding it have since all but dissolved.

Soooo ... fifty percent of American marriages end in divorce, and those who divorce with young kids are making them twice as likely to have a stroke later on in life?! This seems insane! Perhaps the climate of times past did play a considerable role in the outcome of the study, and with old-school stigmas concerning divorce long gone, children whose parents divorce today won't experience any such toll on their health.

However, this study does raise a highly personal question: Are unhappy couples raising children together any better or worse off than a pair of happier, single adults? Feel free to weigh in!


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