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Real Women Respond To Victoria's Secret's Perfect Body Campaign (Video)

Victoria’s Secret has received criticism recently for an ad campaign in which they display a number of models and label it, “The Perfect Body,” but now, women are speaking out and stepping up to show off their vision of a perfect body.

The lingerie company decided to advertise their new bra line called “Body” with ads that showed stick thin models wearing the bra, accompanied by the tagline “The Perfect Body.” When the ads first came out, women all over were shocked that the company would promote one certain body type as perfect, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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Now, women are turning their anger around into something positive. As BBC News reports, a group of British students decided to start a campaign to empower women after seeing the Victoria’s Secret advertisement, and the campaign successfully launched “#iamperfect” on Twitter.

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Additionally, the Daily Mail decided to take women of all sizes and recreate the controversial Victoria’s Secret ad. In the new advertisement, women of various backgrounds, ages, and sizes are featured wearing the same underwear as the models in the original campaign.

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“Taking part in the shoot has boosted my confidence hugely,” said 31-year-old Emily Harvey, a blogger. “I’ll feel much more confident in my underwear in the future.”

“After seeing the Victoria’s Secret advert I considered posing in my underwear and putting the pictures on Facebook,” said 40-year-old sales manager Emma Tennant. “I wanted to show my friends that this is what a real woman looks like. I didn’t think I’d get the chance to show the whole country!”

Take a look at the Daily Mail’s response to Victoria Secret’s perfect body campaign here.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC News


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