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Real Life 'Fight Club' Uncovered at High School (Video)

Parents are furious over a cellphone video (below), which recorded student baseball players at a Victor Valley High School fighting on the Victorville, California, campus.

An unidentified parent sent the video footage to CBS Los Angeles, which shows students fighting with boxing gloves, but not using protective head gear. There are no adults seen in the locker room.

The parent claims that the school's coaches have supported the fights for years, which are for players to resolve their differences.

Principal Chris Douglass said that students told him the fights happened all on one day, when the players were playing around. Douglass claimed the school's coaches were never involved in any of the fights.

However, the parent, who sent the video, said the fights didn’t all happen on the same day, as some of the same students are wearing different clothing.

The Victor Valley Union High School District is investigating the incident, and players aren’t allowed to go into the changing rooms without adult supervision.

Source: CBS Los Angeles


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