Which Breast Implants Last Longest?

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I am looking into getting breast implants but want to keep redo surgeries to a minimum. Some of my friends have had 2-3 boob jobs in ten years, so I am not going to their doctor. I saw a few of your patients online saying that the implants you put in they kept for ten years. I want to get a worry-free boob job?

Thanks for the compliment.

There are several things you can do to reduce your risk for the need/desire for re-operation after breast implant surgery:

(1) Have surgery by a good qualified surgeon. In my book, that means a good ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon.

(2) Request guidance from your surgeon regarding the volume to which you can go safely. The leading cause of poor outcomes with implants that I see is the placement of implants too large for a woman’s available soft tissue coverage. Good surgeons know this although many fear “losing the case” if they share their concerns.

(3) Choose saline-filled implants and have them placed beneath your pectoral muscles. Silicone gel is another option but I feel the breast hardening rate (capsular contracture} is higher with them. Capsular contracture is also higher in some other cases that you may want to review before surgery.

(4) If you have any degree of breast sag, talk about breast lift surgery as an option before you have your operation.

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John Di Saia MD


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