Trout Pouts: Are Facial Filler Injections Safe?


Hi Doc,
Just want to know if filler injection is safe or not.

We have discussed the injection of fillers here a fair amount before. Fillers are commonly used to decrease the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Your question is very general. You could ask: “Is an aspirin safe?” Well that depends doesn’t it?

A common problem with fillers that we have underscored here has involved a questionable choice of the actual filler used (especially silicone gel.) Many times unqualified injectors were involved. And some entertainers in particular have gone out looking with blown up lips and faces (the dreaded trout pout) looking like they might be afflicted by some East Asian virus. Maybe they might have had too much?

Here are some important points to cover when considering filler injections:

(1) Your face is not a balloon. When you inject too much filler material you may look like a cherub or a fish. Some people might not find this attractive. There may also be consequences to injecting large amounts over time. Take it easy on volume.
(2) All Fillers are not the same. I tend to recommend the hyaluronic acid based fillers as they are the safest. They also dissolve the fastest. That may be the price of relative safety.
(3) Stay away from silicone injections.
(4) Choose a qualified and experienced injector.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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