Help! My Plastic Surgeon is Rude and Dismissive


Reader Question:

I know you can’t fix this but can you help me cope? My plastic surgeon is an a&&hole. He has no time for me now that he has operated. He just ignores my concerns. I look OK but I want to do what I can to get the best result possible. He doesn’t care about me.

I am in Orange County. I so wish I knew you before I let this toad touch me! He is a short arrogant little twit though in Laguna Hills. I don’t regret my plastic surgery just my choice of a plastic surgeon.

I frequently remind people to choose carefully when they are in the market for a plastic surgeon. Once surgery has been performed it is hard to switch. Many docs will not accept patients who present liability challenges from the onset. This includes fresh post-ops and people who look like they might sue someone.

The first thing is to try to deal with the surgeon you have. Try to get through to him. How was he when you first met? Docs who never have time for their patients before surgery frequently don’t afterward.

Maybe you can develop a relationship with a contact person in the office and get what you need from that person? Otherwise you can try to call around and find another local surgeon who can help you. Try to choose better this time.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

P.S. I think I know who you might be writing about, but I can’t put his name here for obvious reasons.


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