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Plastic Surgeon: Cosmetic Surgery Isn't Morally Wrong

Reader Question:

Why do you cosmetic surgeons not care for the needy and stop this nightmare you call cosmetic surgery? There are plenty of people who need your help and you waste your talents on the rich and the arrogant!

I doubt you have read much here at the blog, but I do quite a bit of medically necessary surgery from wound surgery to cancer. And for the record, I am not a cosmetic surgeon, but a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who does amongst other things cosmetic work. If you ask why I don’t do more of the reconstructive, the answer is I like the variety and the cosmetic work also pays most of the bills. To not do cosmetic work would basically make me insolvent.

Your rant may be with good intentions, but you don’t understand (or care to understand) that a plastic surgery practice costs money to run. Most insurance companies pay pretty poorly for the things you might find admirable, so I do what I can to provide needed care and still make a living. Like many other things it is a balance.

If you’d like to direct your anger in a more appropriate way why don’t you rail at the health insurance companies that pay so poorly that plastic surgeons can’t afford to do much of what is needed. Don’t you believe that if the reconstructive work paid better, there would be plastic surgeons lining up do do it?

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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