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Rare Condition Causes Stroke Patient To Orgasm From Hearing James Bond Theme Music

A Toronto stroke patient has developed a rare condition called synesthesia that causes him to experience orgasmic sensations when he hears the theme music for James Bond. Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes the stimulation of one sense to lead to an automatic experience in a different sense, such as seeing colors or tasting a particular flavor.

Following a stroke in 2007, the unnamed 45-year-old man realized that the sound of high-pitched voices and brass instruments made him have orgasmic sensations and triggered blue flashes of light in his vision. He said he felt as if “he could ride the music.”

He discussed a specific experience he had while watching the Beijing Olympics, The Daily Mail reported.

“I had the sensation of entering the TV and entering the stadium and I was floating above the crowd," he said." I could feel the heat and humidity coming off the people. I could feel it on my skin. It scared the hell out of me. I thought, ‘this is how you lose your mind.’ I was convinced I was going to go crazy.”

Dr. Luis Fornazarri, a behavioral neurologist, diagnosed him with synaesthesia. Even though it sounds somewhat scary, there are no dangerous side effects to having the condition. Famous synesthesists include Marilyn Monroe and Mary J. Blige.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The National Post


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