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Raquel Nelson Gets Probation in Son's Jaywalking Death

A Georgia mother who faced up to three years in prison for the jaywalking death of her son instead received one year probation on Tuesday.

The bizarre case against Raquel Nelson began tragically after her four-year old son was killed last year by a hit and run driver. A bus had just dropped Nelson and her three children off across the street from their apartment building in Marietta.

Instead of walking three-tenths of a mile to a crosswalk, they crossed in the middle of the busy street, which Nelson said they routinely did. This time, though, a van came out of nowhere and hit them, and took off. The boy was killed, and Nelson and one of her daughter's were injured.

Police eventually found the driver, who admitted to drinking earlier in the day. He pleaded guilty to hit and run and was sentenced to six months in jail.

However, police also charged Nelson for her actions, and earlier this month she was convicted of vehicular homicide and other charges.

In addition to the year probation and community service, the judge made the unusual offer of a new trial so Nelson could clear her name. The Associated Press reports that her lawyer plans to take the judge up on her offer.

Nelson appeared on "The Today Show" on Monday:  


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