Randy Lamar 'Rasheed' Wilson Arrested After Buying Plane Tickets to Morocco


Randy Lamar 'Rasheed' Wilson, of Mobile, Alabama, was recently arrested after purchasing plane tickets for himself and his family to visit Morocco. He is being held without bail.

Federal investigators claim that Wilson was going to meet up with fellow Muslims in Morocco to plot terrorism against the United States.

Wilson pleaded not guilty to charges of providing support to terrorists on Wednesday, reports the Associated Press.

Wilson's attorneys say the charges are based on testimonies provided to undercover informants, but contain no proof that Wilson intended on committing an act of terror.

The U.S. government refuses to unseal their alleged evidence against Wilson, claiming that doing so would endanger national security.

However, the U.S. government does say that Wilson has ties to Omar Hammami, who lived near Mobile, but later moved to Somalia to join forces with alleged terrorists.

Wilson's lawyer Domingo Soto told the Associated Press: "We are going to fight this all the way. We are going to fight the detention, the indictment and the protective order."


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