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Rand Paul Blasts GOP For Hiding New Health Care Bill

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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky isn't happy the GOP is being so secretive about the party's plans to replace the Affordable Care Act and he suspects they're not releasing details because the plan is nothing more than "Obamacare Lite."

"I have been told that the House Obamacare bill is under lock & key, in a secure location, & not available for me or the public to view. This is unacceptable," Paul tweeted, according to Business Insider. "This is the biggest issue before Congress and the American people right now. What is the House leadership trying to hide? My guess is, they are trying to hide their 'Obamacare Lite' approach. Renaming and keeping parts of Obamacare, new entitlements and extending medicaid expansion are not the #FullRepeal we promised."

Paul continued: "House and Senate passed repeal in 2015. They should keep their promises and bring them up again for a vote now. I demand the House release the text of the bill. Every elected official & every American deserve to know what they're trying to do. I will not vote for Obamacare Lite nor will many of my colleagues. We will keep our word. I call on House leaders to do the same. And I call on them to make this process transparent and to let the sunshine in. Today."

In January, Paul unveiled legislation that would replace the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.

Paul named the legislation The Obamacare Replacement Act and introduced it to Congress on Jan. 24.

"Getting government out of the American people’s way and putting them back in charge of their own health care decisions will deliver a strong, efficient system that doesn’t force them to empty out their pockets to cover their medical bills," Paul said in a statement announcing the legislation. "There is no excuse for waiting to craft an alternative until after we repeal Obamacare, and the Obamacare Replacement Act charts a new path forward that will insure the most people possible at the lowest price."

According to Paul, that legislation would allow users to:

  1. Choose inexpensive insurance free of government dictates;
  2.  Save unlimited amounts in a health savings account (HSA) and have wider options for using those funds;
  3. Buy insurance across state lines; and
  4. Join together in voluntary associations to gain the leverage of being part of a large insurance pool.

The Senate has not yet taken a vote on Paul's legislation.

Sources: Business Insider via Yahoo, Senator Rand Paul / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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