Raising a Child is One of the Most Difficult Jobs There Is


Carolyn Hax is a columnist for the Washington Post. Last week an anonymous writer wrote the following while Hax was out of town. It's titled, "Raising a child is more difficult than most jobs." Perfect for my blog, don'tcha think?

In comparing the the work of childrearing to a day at the office, the author writes:

The most exhausting part of parenthood is the fact that for 99.9% of the various needs, you can't simply decide to "opt out," or even put them off until later. It is the loss of the smallest measures of freedom and self-containment, of ability to pay attention to oneself when needed AT THAT MOMENT, that carry the most impact on our lives, energy, and sense of self.

A typical staff meeting is unlikely to include your co-workers complaining when you bring snacks because they "hate bran muffins -- yuck! Why don't we ever have anything good to eat?" Your boss is unlikely to wake you up at 2 am and puke on you, nor need her diaper changed.

Indeed. And you wonder why so many mothers go back to work today? Oh, that's right, I forgot: They have to work.

This may be true for some, but it doesn't explain the mass exodus of mothers from the home over the past 30 years. The column above -- which comprises the premise of modern feminism -- does.


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