Racist Anti-Abortion Insert in Daily Texan

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Yes you can!

Another semester, another 12 page, full color insert in the Daily Texan from the Human Life Alliance, the same organization that published almost the exact same supplement last spring semester with a pretty white girl on the cover.

This time, presumably in coordination with all the other anti-abortion groups in America, they're focusing on black and brown people, and how Planned Parenthood is trying to kill them all by setting up clinics in their neighborhoods. Or something. One of the advisors to the Human Life Alliance is Dr. Alveda King, a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a vehement anti-abortion activist.

The content on the inside is the same as last year, with the usual: hooking up is bad for girls (but dudebros, don't you worry about it), abortion causes breast cancer, abortion is reproductive racism, birth control doesn't work and is probably really abortion, abortion makes rape worse, and so on.

But the real focus is a vague concept of "injustice." The center article's headline is "Social justice begins in the womb." No mention, of course, of the injustices faced by women who have unplanned pregnancies and carry to term--disappearing social services, housing discrimination, lack of affordable childcare so they can work, etc etc. But the important thing, ladies, is that social justice begins in the womb--and ends as soon as you come out of it.

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<a href="http://www.humanlife.org/stopinjustice.php">Yes you can!</a>


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