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Crunched for Workout Time? Try QUICKTENSITY Full-Body Workout

Whether  you're stuck inside, not in the mood to leave the house, or only have a short time at the gym, try this Quicktensity Full-Body workout.

*Warm up with some jogging in place and/or jumping jacks. Jog a minute, jump a minute for 5 minutes. OR Grab a jumprope and do 5 sets of 50-100 rotations, rest 30 seconds.

Smash-Up Mini Circuit 1

1. Push-Ups - Choose your variation- Regular OR do 5 reps with right leg, 5 reps with left leg off the floor. (make it 10 reps each to increase intensity)

~rest 30 seconds~

2. Power Squats - Jump legs apart, legs in. Do 15 reps (each jump is a rep)

~rest 30 seconds~

3. Tricep Extensions - Hold a medium heavy dumbbell/weight above your head with both hands and lower by bending elbows. Make sure elbows are facing forward. You can also use bands,or hold a lighter dumbbells in each hand and do one arm at a time. 

~rest 30 seconds~

*Do this Mini SmashFit circuit 2 - 3 times total. After your 3rd set, then REST 2 Minutes!

Keep Going!------------------->

Smash-Up Mini Circuit 2

4. Jumping lunges with a Squat -  Jump into alternating lunge positions. Jump right foot forward, then left foot forward, then jump into a squat. Do 10 reps. Focus more on form than speed. .

~rest 30 seconds~

5. Lateral Raises - Front - Side - Back - With weights or bands, do 10 side laterals, 10 front laterals, 10 rear e 15-30 reps (add weights for intensity). Pick a weight that you can do all 30 reps.

~rest 30 seconds~

6. 20 seconds of Ab Crunchesand 20 seconds Leg lifts - Crunches focus on upper abs while leg lifts hit more lower abs as well as hip flexors.  

~rest 30 seconds~

*Repeat  2 - 3 times total. After your 3rd set, you're DONE!

To make the routine easier, use light or no weights, or reduce reps. 
To make the routine harder, add reps and weight!

by Heather Frey
, Founder and President of, Motivationalist, CPT, Writer, Artist, Spokesperson, Fitness Model, National Figure Competitor

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