Qpid.me Website Allows Children 12 and Older to Look Up STD Health Records

Health teachers in grades 7 through 12 in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are promoting Qpid.me, a website that allows children as young as 12 to share their "verified STD results" and look up other people's HIV/STD statuses with their cell phone.

Qpid.me it is not directly part of the LAUSD's health education curriculum, but is a sex education resource.

Qpid.me posters in LAUSD schools encourage students to utilize the website, reports CBS Los Angeles.

In a Qpid.me demo video (below) for teachers, the website looks up the STD results for former Miss California 2009 Tami Farrell.

Students can use the website to find a STD testing location, find their results online and then share their results, if they want.

While this might sound like it's going too far to some parents, California law allows for children 12 or older to consent to medical care, including the prevention of sexually transmitted disease, without parental consent.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles and Qpid.me


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