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Punished in Public: Mom Sells Sons' Toys on EBay

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A mom unhappy that her sons' toys were scraping the enamel off her bathtub took action, and as punishment, sold the toys on eBay, posting a photo on the auction page of her boys looking devastated.

The boys were playing with Beyblade, a Japanese Manga series where spinning tops are used to battle. According to the mom, after the boys played with them in the bathtub, the quote for repairs to the porcelain and tiles was $500!

Her eBay post read:

"We are selling 8 Beyblades, 2 of them light up. As you can tell, they are not happy about this! They have been using their bathtub as a "battle arena" and Beyblades + Bathtub = Destruction!!! With the metal ones they managed to scrape the enamel off the tub, take a chunk of tub out and break off the soap holder. SO if you "win" this auction DON'T play with in a bathtub!!! We have received a quote of $500.00 to replace the tub, some tiles, and soap holder + labor of course! They had approximately $125.67 in their piggy banks that will be going to toward the cost. We will use the profit from this auction towards the balance and then it is onto other toys!"

After the post was discovered on eBay by the online community 4Chan, its members ganged up on the mom, calling her awful names and falsely bidding up to $999,000 before the auction was closed. posted the community chain here.

This is not the first time a parent has punished his or her kids in public. Last year, we posted "10 Kids Punished by Their Parents ... in Public."

Momlogic expert Dr. Wendy Walsh, a mother and Doctor of Psychology does not recommend parents resorting to public punishment. "Punishment that involves additional public shame on top of private family shame can be dangerous, damaging and have lifelong effects," says Walsh. "My advice is always: Water what you want to grow. Do not water weeds. Praise good behavior. Give little attention to bad behavior, and your child's internal garden of emotions will flourish in a healthy way."

Momlogic wants to know -- would you sell your kid's toys on eBay as punishment? Did this mom take her anger too far?


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