Can't Do Pull-Ups? This Gym Equipment Lets You Do 10

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I loved gym class in high school. I looked forward to kicking the boys’ butts in different sports with my partner in crime, Jenn. I loved the running, the lifting, the competition. But there was this one challenge every  semester thatwould have me shaking in my gym shorts: the dreaded pull-up competition. No matter how hard I tried I could never, not even once, get in a single pull-up. I’ve always had Gumby-like arms, poor scrawny thing that I am, and it made pull-up day all the more humiliating for me.

What I wouldn’t have given for a little assistance in those days. The lovely folks at Pullup Revolution must have read my diary or something, because I opened the mail one day and out popped the answer to all my life’s arm struggles. Behold! A tool of hope! The Pullup Revolution is a handy-dandy piece of equipment that allows those lacking upper-body strength to incorporate pull-ups into their daily workout by providing 100 pounds of loving support. For years people have told me how great and swell pull-ups arebecause they target the entire upper body as well as the shoulders, back and core. Now that I can do a pull-up, I finally believe them. The best part is that you don’t have to go to the gym to use the darn thing. I attached it to my guy’s pull-up bar in our apartment and went to town. The girl who couldn’t even do one pull-up suddenly could do 10 without batting an eye. I felt like She-Ra. I think I may have muttered something about my awesome new princess powers…

The Pullup Revolution costs $49.95 and is totally worth every penny, if you ask me. I’ve taken Pauly (that’s my Pullup Revolution’s name) out to the park and attached that bad boy to a monkey bar and gone to town. It’s effective and affordable, which are my two favorite qualities of exercise equipment.

Anyone out there have pull-up fears like me growing up? Ever watch Demi Moore in G.I. Jane doing pull-ups and sneer? If so, this may be just the umph you need in order to stop being a pull-up poser and start being the hoss you knew you always had inside!—Tish


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