Psychiatrist: Transgender Leads To Choosing Race (Video)


Fox News contributor and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow suggested on April 14 that transgenderism was going to lead to people choosing their own ages and races, which he linked to the founder of Facebook (video below).

Ablow made his comments during a segment on "Fox & Friends" regarding Rachel Dolezal, a woman with white parents who self-identified as black and subsequently lost her job at the NAACP, notes

Ablow opined that Dolezal possibly claimed she was black to get a job, be included with an advocacy group, to garner her employer's endorsement or is "delusional."

Fox News host Steve Doocy said that Dolezal asserted that there is no proof that her parents are her biological parents, and asked Ablow, "You cannot choose your race, can you?"

Ablow replied: "Of course you can't. I'm here as a psychiatrist and as a human being to tell you of course you can't. But there are people and they're Democrats and liberals and they're people who would say, 'Yes you can.'"

Ablow didn't mention who these "Democrats and liberals" were, but added:

"And I've been told by lawyers I consulted, 'Hey, if I think I'm 65 and I say my entire self-concept is that of a 65 year-old, can I get Medicare?' And the lawyers have told me, 'You know what, you'd have a case because of women like this and because of other case law relating to transgenderism.'

"If you say that you're female, you have to be treated in some states as a female. If I say I'm 65, why am I not 65? Why are you committing ageism against me?"

Ablow didn't mention who any of these lawyers were; Doocy asked him about this "new world order where you can invent at will your own personal history and your own reality?"

Ablow replied by quoting himself:

"Who was the first human being in the world to say that transgenderism would pave the way for people to declare their own races? Dr. Keith Ablow. I warned about it.

"And it's happening and it will happen with age and because of guys like Mark Zuckerberg, who have you invent your life on Facebook and then don't understand the concepts of the borders of a country.

"The countries are real, Mark, he's part of this too. It's part of the denial of reality."

Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder, has no legal power, but did add a variety of genders from which people can choose on the social media site.

Doocy quickly repeated Ablow's unsourced claim about Zuckerberg, "But there are no countries on the Internet he says, right?"

Ablow replied with more unsubstantiated claims about Zuckerberg:

"Exactly, because you know what? What's he doing, he's saying, 'Invent yourself. Throw up happy pictures. Just tell your story. Mind not that it's not your real story. And don't worry about these jihadists. They're not really out to kill you because you're American, because, you know what, you're not American. You're just one of the pixels on Facebook.'

"You know what? He's a dangerous guy. This woman is a dangerous woman. Because the bottom line is we want our kids to grow up sane."

Ablow attacked Zuckerberg in 2014 with an opinion article on the Fox News website entitled, "Facebook twists reality again and risks ruining your children."

Ablow slammed Zuckerberg after Facebook bought Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

"Is no one concerned that Mark Zuckerberg’s zeal for completely immersing people in alternate realities might be toxic for them?" Ablow wrote. "Has anyone wondered whether his quest reflects an underlying contempt for something he lived through for real -- or for our shared reality, our real relationships and solving our real problems?"

Sources: MediaMatters.orgFox News / Photo Credit: Fox News via YouTube

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