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Shortly After Getting Married, This Husband Put His Wife in the Hospital (Video)

A newlywed woman ended up in the hospital twitching uncontrollably in the midst of a two-hour orgasm.

A 5-minute video of the woman taken by her husband was posted on YouTube. Each time she tries to talk to a healthcare professional from her hospital bed, she is interrupted by climax, Metro reported.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to you before?” a female healthcare professional asks.

“No, this is embarrassing,” she struggles to respond.

The man holding the camera proudly says she's had this condition for two hours.

The healthcare professional had never heard of a case like this before, and she said when she tried to research it the computer was infected with porn malware.

“I tried to look up to see what this is all about – like tremoring post-orgasm – and now the computer has a bug,” she said.

The couple told her they had just gotten married.

“He’s getting a kick out of it,” she said of the husband.

Sources: The Mirror, Metro


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