Prostitutes' Rights -- the Latest Feminist Cause

I don't know, I just don't know. The world is a backward place.

Lori at Feministing is celebrating International Human Rights Day today by championing the rights of Indian "sexworkers":

In honor of this special anniversary, and in an effort to highlight grassroots efforts to ensure the inclusion of womenand girls in the promise the Universal Declaration, check out this fantastic new IWHC short documentary highlighting the mobilization efforts of sex workers in rural India.

Not just adult female prostitutes but "girls"? How terrible.

The foundational argument of this video is that prostitutes must be given such rights as unionization so as to cut the HIV rate in India. Bizarrely, one clip shows prostitutes meeting with wives to argue that legitimizing their trade will help lower the spread of HIV. (Note also that pimps are called "employers.")

Rather, the tired answer the other side hates to hear, to their peril, is abstinence and marital faithfulness are the simple answers to all sexually related diseases, unwanted pregnancies, exploitation of women and girls, and broken homes. How far they go to avoid this simple truth.


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