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Prom Night ... on a Wednesday?

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Will holding prom on a school night curb underage drinking? N.Y. high-school administrators hope so ... but is their plan killing a high-school tradition?

If your teen goes to Pearl River High School in New York, prom night's going to be one heck of an early evening.

That's because the junior and senior proms have been scheduled for school nights. (They'll be held on Wednesday and Sunday nights, respectively.) This is an attempt to curb post-prom partying.

And get this: Students must arrive at school by 7:34 AM sharp the next day. If they're late, they'll be unable to make up academic work or participate in sports that day.

Some moms think that this is a great idea: If it lessens the chances of kids getting into drunk-driving accidents, getting alcohol poisoning or getting preggers, they're all for it.

But others think that this is just going way too far: Prom night held on a Saturday is an American tradition and a rite of passage.

What do you think?


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