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Professor: Just Sell a Kidney to Pay Off Student Loans

A Scottish professor is making the case for allowing students to sell one of their kidneys in order to pay off student loans.

According to a report from The Scotsman, Sue Rabbitt Roff of Dundee University argues in an article in the British Medical Journal that students should be allowed to do whatever is necessary to pay off their crushing debt.

"We are allowing young people to undertake £20,000 to £30,000 of university fee payments," she told The Scotsman. "We allow them to burden themselves with these debts. Why can't we allow them to do a very kind and generous thing but also meet their own needs?"

She said a kidney should go for £28,000 (around $45,000), which is the average annual income in the United Kingdom.

The National Union of Students (NUS) in Scotland said the idea is "ludicrous."

"Although the lack of available kidneys for transplant is truly tragic given the need, it's ludicrous to suggest that selling body parts is a viable solution to alleviating student poverty," said NUS president Robin Parker. "Young people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, are already being asked to take on huge debt to afford an education. They shouldn't be expected to remove a body part as well."

It is illegal worldwide to sell organs and tissues under the Human Tissue Act of 2004, except for Iran, said The Scotsman.


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