Processes involved in dental bone grafting

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In order to fix dental implants like dental bridges or mini dental implant in the desired location, sometimes bone grafting is needed because of scarcity of bone mass in the bone on which the implants have to be fixed. If you are considering advanced dental work, long Island dental Implants might just be the most effective solution for that missing or infected tooth.Sometimes the missing bone needs to be replaced or some amount of mass is needed to be added to make the procedure of fixing dental implants successful. This additional bone mass is obtained in various ways. The sort of methods are illustrated below:

Xenografts: In this method the bone is obtained from body of dead animal mostly cow. Its not directly used in human body, before using the bone is sterilized and then fixed in body. It's advantage is that only one surgery will be required for the patient . Inspite of this, this method is not so widely put to use because many people are reluctant to accept an animal's body part in their body.

Allografts : In Allographs, bone is taken from dead human body, similar to the way of eyes or other body organs. This also needs sterlization of bones. A disadvantage with this is that there is danger of diseases being transferred and again people refrain from this since accepting a bone mass from another human their mouth is not easy for them.

Alloplastic grafts : This process allows non-natural bone of calcium phosphate to be fixed in patient's mouth at desired site. It is easily accepted by body as the material is biodegradable. This is most apt surgery with single step method as chances of disease transmission is also ruled out.

Autografts : This procedure will allow the bone to be taken from person's other body parts. As teh bone is taken from only from patient's body part only tehn chances of rejection by oral tissues is negligible. There is no possibility of the person getting any transferred disease since the bone belongs to the same body. Though this procedure can be painful as two surgeries are done.

Growth factor enhanced grafts : This is more expensive since this involve recombinant DNA technology. Growth human factor consists of bone morphogenic proteins with a material like collagen as the transporter medium. They are beneficial in speeding up the process of bone formation.
Tissues of bone grow faster than tissues of gum. Over a period of time, the grafted bone may be covered with gum tissues. To prevent this, a membrane is placed over the grafted part of the bone so that dental implants can be properly fixed on them. For more information about dental implants please visit the site dedicated to dental implants Suffolk County and get full information.


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