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Pro-Life Leader: Planned Parenthood 'Exploits Women' (Video)

A new undercover video, released last week, featured an interview with an ex-employee of StemExpress, a company that procured fetal tissue, who claims Planned Parenthood was harvesting fetal tissue without the knowledge of female patients (video below).

Fox News showed a clip of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump explaining how Planned Parenthood provides health services for women other than abortions.

Penny Nance, the head of the pro-life Concerned Women For America, told Fox News last week that Trump was using Planned Parenthood's "talking points."

"Planned Parenthood is not a safe place for vulnerable women," Nance said. "It is a place that exploits women. And now we know, coerces them into abortion and sells their baby parts," notes

Nance also claimed Planned Parenthood aids sex traffickers and doesn't report statutory rape.

She also said the country has 9,000 non-abortion community health centers that could serve women, and added that heart disease was the No. 1 killer of women.

Concerned Women for America called for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act in 2013, which has provided health care coverage for about 16 million Americans.

Sources:, Media Matters, Concerned Women for America / Photo credit: Fox News Screenshot


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