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Pro-Life Groups Launch National Boycott Of Girl Scout Cookies

Pro-life groups are calling for a boycott of the Girls Scouts’ annual cookie drive over the Girl Scouts USA’s support for abortion-rights advocates.

According to The New American, the groups supporting the boycott include the Pro-Life Action League, American Life League, the Radiance Foundation, LifeNews, Operation Rescue, the National Black Pro-Life Union, Life Coalition International, Texas-based Pro-Life Waco, Glendale, and California-based Shield of Roses.

“While some local troops' activities may be wholesome, sadly, Girl Scouts USA promotes radically anti-life women, such as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, as role models, regularly partners with pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood for 'educational' activities, and encourages girls to fight for abortion on demand,” said Pro-Life Wisconsin in a newsletter to supporters of the so-called CookieCott 2014.

The groups were angry over a tweet that linked to a recent Huffington Post panel discussion recognizing Democratic Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, who became well-known last year for a filibuster of abortion restrictions, as one of the most influential women of 2013.

Is there anyone you'd add to this list? Incredible Ladies Who Should Be Women Of The Year For 2013 via @HuffPostWomen

— Girl Scouts (@girlscouts) December 18, 2013

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, another Democrat who supports abortion rights, was also mentioned as an influential woman in a Washington Post article linked to by the Girl Scouts organization.

“It’s very clear that they are not citing any pro-life leaders with any praise, even though their official stand is they are not taking any position on abortion,” said John Pisciotta, director of Pro-Life Waco and boycott organizer.

Girl Scouts spokeswoman Kelly Parisi says the organization does not endorse politicians or take stands on political issues. She says the posts were meant to get people involved in discussing top newsmakers of 2013.

In a statement, the national Girl Scouts organization says it "does not advocate one way or another with regard to what we perceive as private issues best handled by families. Personal matters are just that – personal and private – and should be addressed accordingly."

In 2004, Pisciotta organized a cookie boycott in Waco after the leader of the local Planned Parenthood chapter was honored by the local Girl Scouts council for her achievements, according to the Associated Press.

“It does fire up people who are against what we do, or what they think we do,” said Girl Scouts of Central Texas spokeswoman, Lucia Weinmeister, who claims the boycott of 2004 gave the council its best year for cookie sales. “It also fires up our strongest supporters.”


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